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A Feminist Mohel Speaks Out   August 16th, 2011

Circumcision Ban Debate Blurs Proven Health Benefits   August 9th, 2011

S.F. court victory doesn’t put circumcision issue to rest — yet   August 5th, 2011

Judge Strikes Circumcision Ban   August 5th, 2011

Relief as judge blocks vote to ban the brit   August 4th, 2011

Circumcision ban removed from ballot   August 4th, 2011

City’s Defense of Jewish Community a Factor as Circumcision Ban Falls   August 4th, 2011

San Francisco judge removes circumcision ban from ballot   July 28th, 2011

Judge Orders Circumcision Measure Removed from Ballot   July 28th, 2011

Judge Orders Circumcision Ban Off SF Ballot   July 28th, 2011


Older Articles

June 23, 2011 ... Lawsuit aims to axe circumcision bill from S.F. ballot; J Weekly

June 23, 2011 ... Religious Groups File Suit over Circumcision Ban;

June 23, 2011 ... Legal road to get anti-circumcision bill off ballot is one worth taking; J Weekly

June 23, 2011 ... Lawsuit Challenges Referendum on Circumcision Ban; Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty

June 23, 2011 ... No circumcision in San Francisco? Jews, Muslims sue to stop proposed ban; CBS News

June 23, 2011 ... San Francisco's anti-circumcision initiative faces court challenge;

June 22, 2011 ... Opponents Of SF Circumcision Ban File Lawsuit To Have It Removed From Ballot; SF Appeal

June 22, 2011 ... Circumcisions: Jewish, Muslim groups oppose ban;

June 22, 2011 ... Circumcision Ban Challenged: Religious Leaders File Lawsuit Today;

June 22, 2011 ... Coalition sues to keep circumcision ban off S.F. ballot;

June 22, 2011 ... Circumcision Ban Challenged: Religious Leaders File Lawsuit Today; SFWeekly

June 22, 2011 ... Lawsuit seeks to block SF vote on circumcision ban; MSNCBC

June 22, 2011 ... Opponents of proposed circumcision ban file lawsuit to block November initiative ; LA Times

June 22, 2011 ... Opponents of SF circumcision ban file lawsuit; ABClocal

June 21, 2011 ... The great California foreskin fight of 2011;

June 20, 2011 ... No Holds Barred: Sex and circumcision; The Jerusalem Post

June 16, 2011 ... Campaign perspectives and responsibilities; The Bay Area Reporter

June 16, 2011 ... LGBT Jewish leaders cry foul on anti-circumcision campaign; The Bay Area Reporter

June 15, 2011 ... Ban circumcision? Why not ear piercing?; CNN

June 8, 2011 ... Intactivists' waging ugly anti-circumcision push; SFGate

June 8, 2011 ... Forum with Michael Krasny: SF Circumcision Ban; KQED Radio

June 8, 2011 ... Anti-circumcision comic outrages Jewish community; ABC Local

June 7, 2011 ... To Those Attempting to Justify Hate Speech Through Campaigns:; Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club

June 7, 2011 ... Banning Circumcision and Targeting Jews In San Francisco -- How Dare They?;

June 7, 2011 ... Parents, not government, should decide on circumcision;

June 6, 2011 ... Foreskin Man Comic Illustrates Controversy Over S.F. Circumcision Ban; SF Weekly

June 4, 2011 ... Campaign supporting circumcision ban should be snipped; SF Examiner

June 4, 2011 ... Efforts to Ban Circumcision Gain Traction in California; New York Times

June 4, 2011 ... Campaign against circumcision evokes images of anti-Semitism; The Los Angeles Times

June 4, 2011 ... US anti-circumcision comic is grotesque; The Jerusalem Post

June 3, 2011 ... The Circumcision Wars; The Wall Street Journal

June 3, 2011 ... "Foreskin Man" brings anti-Semitic imagery into circumcision fight; Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles

June 3, 2011 ... Literature for SF's anti-circumcision measure stars "monster" rabbis and blonde superheroes; SFGate

June 2, 2011 ... Circumcision and the Special City; SFGate

June 1, 2011 ... Body and Soul; New Jersey Jewish News

June 1, 2011 ... A tip for San Francisco; The Vancouver Sun

May 31, 2011 ... Circumcision Ban Isn't "Only in San Francisco" After All; SF Weekly

May 30, 2011 ... Battle over circumcision is shaping up in California; JTA

May 25, 2011 ... A ban on circumcision?; The Boston Globe

May 24, 2011 ... Archbishop opposes circumcision ban; Catholic San Francisco

May 21, 2011 ... Tim Rutten: S.F. circumcision proposition doesn't belong on the ballot; LA Times

May 20, 2011 ... Circumcision ban infringes on rights;

April 28, 2011 ... Religious groups oppose male circumcision ban for San Francisco; SF Examiner

April 28, 2011 ... Editorial: Ban on circumcision is way over the line; J weekly

April 28, 2011 ... Groups mobilize as circumcision ban moves closer to ballot; J weekly

April 28, 2011 ... SF Religious Groups Oppose Proposed Ban On Circumcision;

April 26, 2011 ... Circumcision ban could make ballot in SF; ABC Local

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